Cyber We Care

Goldies was founded in a small Southern California beach community, born from the simple philosophy of wellness through the alignment of body and mind.  We present that philosophy to you through the products we make, our commitment to safety, quality and innovation.  Healthy living is not just a way of life. It is the way of life.  

Goldies Brings Experience

With a combined 27 years in the legal cannabis space, having witnessed, first-hand the numerous wellness benefits of cannabis, we are thrilled to be able to offer products for an underserved community, our pets! Those furry little friends who cannot vocalize the everyday aches and pains.  CBD has been documented as a safe treatment for pets.  The amount of time we have with our furry friends is already limited.  Goldies is here to help make the most of that time.  

A Lifestyle with Compassion is our motto. We believe all of us should have access to tools designed to help align our bodies and minds.  This includes our pets. We are here and excited to be a part of your family’s journey to wellness.  As you embark on this journey, please reach out and keep us informed.  Your feedback is important to us.  Thank you!